Friday, September 11, 2009

Beat the Book Saturday Picks

What can I say.  Georgia Tech up 24-0, 24-7, 24-14, yet they cannot cover 4 points on Thursday night?  Pathetic.  That was a terrible beat, but here are some Saturday selections to take to the house.

UNC -4 @ UConn
UConn struggled to a 7 point win on the road at Ohio last week while UNC crushed The Citadel.  UNC also blew out UConn in 2008 thanks to 3 blocked kicks in the 2nd quarter.  UNC has a powerful offense that should overcome a feisty Huskies defense. The Huskies will not be able to keep up: UNC 27-UConn 13

Nebraska -21 vs. Arkansas State
These are not your fathers Cornhuskers.  This team slings the ball over the field, then hands it to Roy Helu Jr. who goes nuts.  They crushed Florida Atlantic, which actually has some solid weapons, by 46 points.  Arkansas State on the other hand won by 61!  But, that was against Mississipii Valley State.  The Huskers will post 40+ and not allow more then 17.  That sure covers 21!  Nebraska 45 ASU 18

TCU -11 @ Virginia
Another road dog here as the Horned Frogs make their 2009 debut.  They still have a solid defense that can stifle anyone, with an offense that can make big plays and control the ball.  The Cavs are coming off a home loss to....WILLIAM & MARY...Nuff said.  TCU 25 UVA 10

USC -7 @ OSU
Yes, a 3rd road dog.  These two teams met last year and the talent disparity was immense.  take my word, I was there.  Yes USC lost Mark Sanchez to the NFL but they have a ton of future pro RB's and a solid freshman who will avoid mistakes.  A lot can be told in a win, thus OSU's shaky performance in their win Navy showed a lot of weaknesses.  A team like USC will capitalize.  Make it 2 straight for USC, which always shows up and crushes Big 10 schools.  USC 30 Ohio State 20

Notre Dame -3 @ Michigan
Yes it is getting ridiculous with the road dogs, but I was more impressed with Notre Dame's win against an offensive juggernaut like Nevada then Michigan's win vs WMU.  They have the better QB, better group of receivers, and the better defense.  I dont even think this is close.  Notre Dame 30 Michigan 13

Other Leans
UAB -12
Iowa State +6
Oklahoma State -16

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