Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Diary of a Fantasy Sports Wife-September 8th
Labor Day Weekend, a holiday where we squeeze out the last morsels of summer and soak up every ounce of sun to prepare for the upcoming months of cold air.  While I was outside, guess what Adam was doing Saturday afternoon?  He was sitting inside watching the first college football games of the season.   Why would anyone prefer to sit inside and watch television rather than swim outside and enjoy the sun?  Yes Syracuse was playing and yes he had some monetary interest in some other games.  But I have a feel this is a question I will most likely ask myself throughout my life.  On a weekend where there is actually a sport that we can watch together (tennis) he is busy flipping through the channels and watching the newest running back punch someone and ruin his career.  But this week, at least Monday-Thursday, I will get him to watch the US Open.
Not only did this week involve the return of football, this was also fantasy football draft week.  So I guess football season is back and there is nothing I can do about it.  He is already telling me facts about players that I will never care about but I nod my head politely while I think of other things.  Tom Brady, a name I hear far too much and even own a tshirt saying Brady’s Ladies in support of the Patriots is now his fantasy quarterback in a league he does with his friends from Syracuse.  With Brady in the lineup, football back,  and school about to start, tt’s going to be a long season so I better go outside and soak up the sun while I still can!


  1. Hmmmmmm....Which one of the Bradys was Tom?

  2. Very cute - but for the severely sports challenged, what does "tt's" stand for?
    and I didn't understand Judy's ?.

    oh well, what else is new.

    what's with 2 football games on the same weekday night last week? clogging up the channels....

  3. tt's is a typo for its..and if you dont get judy's question then you need to move to another country...

    and football is here..if you dont like it, turn it back on in march!

  4. The Brady bunch did not have a Tom in it lol