Monday, September 21, 2009

NFL Second Thoughts-Monday

Here is what we are thinking the morning after Week Two's action

-Matt Forte owners begin to worry.  The Bears lack of a WR threat is allowing teams to crowd the box.  He may be in for a long year.
-Despite his long 4th quarter TD, TO is gonna blow any minute.  Not many targets, yet should be 2-0...when does TO hit the boiling point?
-Ocho Cinco doing the Lambeau Leap...priceless...him scoring, even better.
-Good day to be a Johnson in Tennessee.  Andre scores twice while Chris Johnson rumbled for close to 200 yards, 3 total scores and 8 catches.  Both are fantasy studs.
-If you played Kevin Kolb you were not disappointed.  390+ yards and 2 scores is enough fantasy points for any team desperate enough to play him.
-Lance Moore fans should get worried.  No impact through 2 games, now an injury.
-Scary that the Pats, Chargers, Redskins, and Packers could be 0-2.
-Where is Brandon Marshall?  Orton completes 19 passes and just 3 to Marshall.
-Steve Smith and Mario Manningham are must have receivers right now if they are still available.
-Nice to see the real Steve Smith rebound from a tough opener with well over 100 yards for Carolina.
-Percy Harvin has proven to be a solid red zone target with both scores coming from within the 5 yard line.
-That's the Matt Schaub that was drafted so high.
-Ditto Frank Gore.

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