Monday, September 14, 2009

 Diary of a Fantasy Sports Wife-Entry 4
And so it begins….  Question:  What’s the spread? 
                                     Answer:  Cheese and crackers and crudités. 
As he began to roar with laughter, I realized he was talking about the spread in the USC vs. Ohio State game with someone on the phone and not about the food I was putting out when our guests arrived.   And so it begins… all football, all the time.  The NFL season kicks off in earnest on Sunday, September 13, 2009 and football fans everywhere will be spending their days glued in front of the televisions.  What makes these games more intriguing for my husband is the fact that he bets on almost every college and professional game (just an exaggeration).  (All money by the way that I could think of much better things to do with.  Things that people would be able to see.) He screams at the TV so loudly that our poor puppy runs under the table because she thinks she did something wrong.  As if him screaming for the player to run faster is actually going to motivate him to run.  All bets are off (or shall I say on) during football season.  All I can say is that while he’s screaming at the television, he doesn’t know what I’m   “betting” on.

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  1. the poor little puppy -
    so how were those crudites?
    very cute - keep it up.