Sunday, September 13, 2009

Takin it to the House Sunday Selections

Minnesota -3.5 @ Cleveland
The Browns lack a solid running game and with no answer for Adrian Peterson on the ground they will be forced to bring more guys into the box giving Brett Favre all the time he needs to pick them apart.  Brady Quinn will struggle as the ground game will not get on track and the Vikes win it easily.  Vikings 27 Browns 13

Philly +.5 @ Carolina
Carolina was dominated in their playoff game in 2008 and although it is months later, one must wonder what the hangover will be.  Jake Delhomme is just not that good and Jonathan Stewart is not 100%.  Brian Westbrook will do just enough for the Eagles and McNabb will toss 3 scores.  Eagles 24 Panthers 17

New England -10.5 vs. Buffalo
This game will not be close.  The Bills offense did absolutely nothing in the preseason and will be going against a team that is out to prove something in 2009.  Prove that their QB is healthy, that they are over the 2007 ending to their season and that they are back.  The spread may be covered within 5 minutes.  Patriots 42 Bills 17

New Orleans -11.5 @ Detroit
The Saints blew out the Lions in 2008 and despite the injury to Pierre Thomas should do more then enough offensively to blow out the Lions who are starting a rookie QB in his NFL debut.  Saints 35 Lions 20

Baltimore -8.5 vs. Kansas City
The Chiefs may be without their starting QB Matt Cassel and the Ravens will come after the QB whoever it is.  The Chiefs will not be able to move the ball on the ground and Joe Flacco should be able to pick apart the secondary when he is not relying on the solid Ravens ground game.  The Ravens D is the key.  Ravens 27 Chiefs 9

Who do you like?


  1. I still like Minnesota -3.5, but I think the game will be closer than your 27-13 prediction suggests. Two, count em, two Favre picks - one for six - make this a one score game.

  2. Well the final score was 34-20, so 14 pts is 14 pts..