Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What to do about replacing Matt Cassel
A friend of mine approached me this week and asked my thought on Matt Cassel.  Take into account this was prior to the injury he sustained this past weekend.  I said to my friend Cassel was a borderline fantasy starter, who if you want to compliment with another QB to play matchups, he could be useful.  The Chiefs are going to throw the ball all over the field (to who else but Bowe who knows), have no semblance of a ground game, and should score enough points to make him relevant.  I would not draft him ahead of a Carson Palmer or Matt Ryan, but would surely take the chance ahead of a Chad Pennington, Ben Roethlisberger or Brett Favre.

Then the injury hit this weekend.  After many drafts, with waiver wires now looking more like UFL rosters will be in a few weeks.  With that being said, here are 3 options to consider when finding a replacement if Cassel were to miss time and 3 guys to stay away from.

Tyler Thigpen, Chiefs
While many teams do not have trust in their backup QB to step in and make plays (like Cassel did for New England in 2008), the Chiefs should have faith in Thigpen, who threw 18 TD passes in 2008 to go along with 3 scores on the ground.  In an even more pass happy offense, Thigpen can be a surprise early season play for owners, although a season opener in Baltimore is never fun.  If he makes it to week two, a home date with the Raiders can be a huge day for any Chiefs QB.

Mark Sanchez, Jets
Sanchez went undrafted in many leagues because of being a rookie QB in a run heavy offense.  Sanchez showed Saturday against the Giants that he has a big arm, is able to withstand a pass rush, and may have enough weapons to make an impact.  While keeper leagues may not have Sanchez on the wire, he should be able to succeed enough for a roster spot in yearly leagues as well.

Matthew Stafford/Daunte Culpeppe, Lions
Whoever wins the Detroit QB battle will be fantasy worthy.  Both have played ok during the preseason and have the luxury of throwing the ball to a freak in Calvin Johnson, handing the ball off to a solid back in Kevin Smith, and will likely be playing from behind enough that they will be tossing the ball almost the entire second half.  While you will have ups and downs with each QB, both may hold some value.

Stay Away
Mark Bulger, Rams
The Rams are mess outside of Steven Jackson.  Bulger is banged up and has not seen the field yet in 2009.  His top target Donnie Avery has never been a clear #1 receiver and is also battling injuries.  And when people are getting pumped up about Laurent Robinson being a weapon, it is best that the QB stays on the waiver wire.

Trent Edwards, Bills
Yes the Bills added T.O., however Edwards has played like B.O. during the preseason.  He looks more like JP Losman every week and he has yet to throw a touchdown pass in 2009, while tossing three picks.  His best offensive weapon Marshawn Lynch is out for the first few games, which means offenses will double Owens or Lee Evans.  Edwards will have his days when he can pick on weak secondaries, but not in Week 1 at least, as the Bills travel to New England.

Jake Delhomme, Panthers
He is old, has one good receiver, and the team relies on the ground game to move down the field when not tossing the ball to Steve Smith.  If Kenny Moore is his 3rd receiver, that shows the problems in Carolina.  Find a younger player with more upside.

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