Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Workin the Wire

This week names like Forsett, Snelling, and McCoy are obvious choices to fill your roster out.  Yet most owners wont have a chance to claim them, so here are a few more less obvious choices who may pay big dividends this weekend and beyond.

Brandon Gibson-Gibson is now the 2nd starting wideout for the Rams who is coming off a solid debut which saw him make 7 catches for 93 yards.  The talented Gibson was a prolific wideout at Wash State and with the Rams constantly falling behind, he will see plenty of balls thrown his way and is an excellent keeper option going forward as well.

Leonard Weaver-While McCoy will surely be the Eagles new feature back, he has struggled in short yardage and when the Eagles need a tough yard down by the goal line, Weaver will be their man.  He has shown the ability to convert and is also a solid receiver out of the backfield.  If you do not land a Forsett, Weaver is a solid alternative.

Lance Long-Long only saw 6 targets for the Chiefs in their loss to the Raiders, however with Bowe's suspension, he becomes the 2nd WR for Matt Cassel.  Chris Chambers, despite his 2 TD debut is not the receiver he once was, so expect plenty of touches for Long, who Cassel once compared to a pour mans Wes Welker.

Julian Edelman-While the Welker clone is still suffering from an injured arm and is battling for his own looks, he is likely back as the Pats 3rd WR.  He scored in their terrible loss to the Colts and can be a solid PPR contributor going forward.

Jason Avant-If the Eagles completely abandon the run with Westbrook, like they did against the Chargers, every Eagles wideout will hold value.  Even Avant, who led the team with 8 catches and 150+ yards last week.  If McNabb is going to air it out 55 times like he did, Avant is a sneaky enough talent to garner his fair share of balls.

Chad Henne-One benificiary of the Ronnie Brown injury may be Henne, who may be asked to stay under center for more plays while the Phins play less wildcat.  Last week he did attempt 31 passes and that was while playing with the lead for the majority of the game.  Expect pedestrian numbers for Henne, however without Brown, if they fall behind, expect him to air it out.

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