Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Potential September Call-Ups to Watch For
A's Prospect Brett Wallace

Jason Heyward, OF, Braves
Heyward may not play that much down the stretch for the Braves but he is the future, as in 2010.  If you have a spot to stash him in your league do so and enjoy a very late round keeper in 2010 with a rare combo of power and speed.

Jeff Clement, 1B, Pirates
The main piece in the Jack Wilson/Ian Snell deal, there is no reason Clement is not already up with the big club.  The Pirates need to be taking a look at him at 1B to see if there is anything there.  They have been surprised with the maturity of Lastings Milledge and the power of Garrett Jones, so why not give Clement his shot?

Buster Posey, C, Giants
Posey is the future behind the dish for the Giants and may see a sprinkle of at-bats, however if the Giants remain in contention for the Wild Card expect that change.  A Keeper League stashee nontheless.

Cameron Maybin, OF, Marlins
If the Marlins remain in contention do not expect him to do much more then pinch run.  If and when they fall out of it, they need to evaluate whether the prize of the Miggy Cabrera deal can play at this level or if he is a bust.

Eric Young Jr. , OF, Rockies
Young should provide plenty of speed for the Rockies during their stretch drive to the pennant but he will not see enough playng time to make an impact in 2009.  He is a solid option going forward, despite the clouded MI situation in the Mile High City.  UPDATE-Young was called up by the Rockies on August 25th and collected his 1st Major League Hit.

Chris Davis, 1B/3B, Rangers
With the Rangers in the hunt, I doubt they give Davis the requisite at-bats he’ll need to continue his assault on the all-time strikeout record.  Though he’s capable of a huge month, so it’s worth a flier.  UPDATE-Recalled by the Rangers on August 25th and went 2-4 against the Yankees.  davis will also be given regular playing time as Hank Blalock was told prior to the game that he will be regulated to bench duty during the stretch drive.

Madison Bumgarner, SP, Giants
If the Giants ever do fall out of it, they would be silly not to call up their future stud and give him a look.  A keeper in all formats.

Brett Wallace, 3B, A's
By all scouting reports, Wallace is going to be a big-time hitter.  After being the key piece in the Matt Holliday to St. Louis deal, the A's should call him up and let him get his feet wet.  He can project to a 30-HR slugger, so keep a close eye on the A's future 3B.

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  1. I think Jason Heyward is going to be the best of the current minor league prospects. I have followed him since high school and he is an elite talent.