Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Night Football Thoughts

-Favre looked good, completing 13-of-18 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown.  The more AP can penetrate the line of scrimmage the more the play action can come alive for the Vikes.  He will likely sit out the Vikes finale, so the next time you will see him is in Week 1.

-Steve Slaton got the goal line carries for the Texans, converting one from 4 yards out for a TD.  Seems to be he has taken that duty over from Chris Brown, so feel comfortable ranking Slaton higher on your draft lists.

-If Matt Schaub can stay healthy, and that is always a question, he and Andre Johnson will have monster years.  Johnson is a freak of nature and will lead the league in receptions.  Schaub has a solid 7.4 YPA and terrific 75.7 completion rate on the preseason and is a solid 7th-9th round pick in all leagues.

-It will be tough for backs to muster anything after Week 4 against the Vikes once the Williams' wall returns from suspension.

-Adrian Peterson is a man child.  The 75-yard TD run was a thing of beauty and once he made the first cut, you knew he was gone.

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