Saturday, August 29, 2009

Paying A Visit to the Fantasy Football Doctor to Answer Your Questions

The following is a sampling of emails and questions received this week in regards to owners upcoming fantasy drafts.

Q: What do you think about taking Tom Brady ahead of Brees and Manning?
A: After about two quarters of last nights game against the Redskins I would have strongly considered it a toss up between Brady and Brees given the fact that the Pats looked like they were playing in 2007 and that was without Wes Welker and any semblance of a running game.  Now with Brady's shoulder a question and an injury to the Saints top back Pierre Thomas, Brees looks like a safer option.  That does not even take into consideration Peyton Manning who is still as good as anyone and Aaron Rodgers who wishes the regular season started two weeks ago.  

Q:  What Wide receiver is going to take the next step and become a superstar?
A: The list of superstars already includes Fitzgerald, Moss, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Steve Smith.  For my answer I also will not select a receiver like Anquan Boldin, Brandon Marshall or Reggie Wayne who are all household names and right there on that level.  So my two answers are Roddy White and DeSean Jackson.  While many people will select White as their #1 WR, this is the year he becomes a top 3 receiver.  With Tony Gonzalez taking away coverage down the middle, with Michael Turner keeping extra men in the box, and Matt Ryan developing more and more, White will be the prime recipient.  He was rewarded with a new contract this offseason and will make due on it.  

Jackson is simply a game breaker.  While the rest of the Eagles receiving group is average at best, Jackson changes the game with his speed and downfield ability.  If he gets on return duties he may break two or three for scores and add to his point total.  As the offenses most consistent player (due to Westbrook's injury history), the pass-happy Eagles will go to Jackson early and often.

Q: Where do you rank Favre for this year?
A: Favre was a startable quarterback while the Jets were hot last year, but awful during the most important part of their season and fantasy owners seasons.  For 2009, I cannot get excited about him returning.  Despite having AP in the backfield, his receiving group is just ok and with Berrian hurt, that worries me.  He is definitely worthy of a QB2, who I would select after a Hasselbeck, Roethlisberger or Garrard, but before a Leftwich, Sanchez (unless keeper league), Culpepper, Orton or Flacco.

Q: Who is one Tight End that you can wait on and snag later in the draft?
A: If drafting a Gonzalez, Clark or Witten is not for you, and you have missed out on sleepers such as Olsen, Daniels and Winslow, there still are two guys I like late that will have an impact.  The first is Kevin Boss of the Giants, who last year scored 6 touchdowns while averaging over 11 yards a catch.  With Plax gone for the full season and Boss a solid red zone target, an 8 or 9 TD season is not out of reach.  

The second name to watch is Jermichael Finley of Green Bay.  In his second year from Texas, Finley scored twice in the Packers last preseason game and seems to have formered a relationship with Aaron Rodgers.  While it has not been announced yet whether he has passed Donald Lee on the depth chart, we know the Pack love throwing to their tight ends and Finley is their most talented TE option.  As a backup, keeper selection or fringe starter, Finley looks like a solid option.

Q: What back are you worried about heading into the year that wont live up to draft spot?
A:  I think this is the year that Clinton Portis finally breaks down fully.  In Friday's preseason game against the Pats Portis rushed 6 times for 6 yards.  While the Skins like to rest him in preseason, considering his injury history and propensity to take a beating, I think I would look for a safer option then Portis.  He will have monster games this season, but the Skins will be cautious with their star, especially with a solid backup available in Ladell Betts.

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  1. Looks like the Falcons have a much tougher schedule than last year's. Does that concern any Ryan/Turner/White owners/potential drafters?