Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Question of the Day

Most disappointing MLB Fantasy Player of the Year

The two no brainers are both 1st round picks in many drafts every year.  Jose Reyes and Brandon Webb.  Webb made all of 1, yes 1 start this entire season and is now questionable to begin 2010 healthy for the D'Backs.  For a team that need all the pitching they can get, Webb crushed the teams chances in early April.

Reyes on the other hand did at least play 2 months, however by playing less then 40 games, then being right on the brink of a return, to being out again, reyes teased owners since early June and all for nothing.  Reyes seems poised to return in 2010, however given his very well known injury history, he along with Webb become questionable options next year.

Who else do you feel should be on this list and cursed your team in 2009?


  1. How about the entire Mets Team?

  2. well you can certainly add delgado, wright (no power), maine, perez, beltran...yuck