Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bringing Down the House-Thursday Night Football

Here are some leans on tonight's action.

Georgia Tech -5 vs. Clemson
Last year Georgia Tech went into Clemson and came away with a 4 point win.  That day, Clemson was not only playing at home, they had a senior/experienced QB playing under center, and they could not overcome a Tech team that committed 6 penalties, fumbled twice, and only gained 90 yards passing.  This year Tech gets to host the game, in primetime, with the better offense, experienced QB, and the Tigers are without Browns RB James Davis.  Tech wins by double figures.

Steelers -6 vs. Titans
Teams that win the Super Bowl and play in this game generally have the edge and the Steelers are no different.  The Titans seemed easier to attack when Haynesworth out of the lineup, so it will be interesting to see how this team responds.  I also do not trust Kerry Collins, so the pick is the Steelers.  Final score Pittsburgh 21-Tennessee 13

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