Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Lose 2 Fantasy Games By a Total of 4.5 Points
Waking up this morning and checking the computer is to many like Christmas morning, opening gifts.  Since most of the country did not stay awake till 1:30am to see the end of the Chargers-Raiders game, fantasy owners everywhere logged on to check how their team fared and whether they pulled out a victory.  I was one of them.

Before my head hit the pillow at halftime of the 2nd MNF game, I knew 1 team was in deep trouble thanks largely to Zach Miller, who looked more like Tony Gonzalez then himself.  The other team just got a miraculous 2 TD 4th quarter from Brady and a 47 yard FG by Kaeding and was in decent shape.  But that was not to be.

Sure enough Miller ended his night with 6 catches for 90+ yards, resulting in a 15 pt performance giving me a 4 pt loss.  Then there is the other game, which ended with me losing by .5 points.  Yes, .5 points.  Meaning if Darren McFadden didnt fumble, drop a pass or even get a goal line touch in the 1st half, I win.  Or on 3rd and 17, Gates doesnt catch a 23 yard strike from Rivers, Kaeding gets a FG opp and I win. 

But thats not what I blame it on and this is the true lesson of this post.  Always go with your gut.  On Sunday morning at 11am I had an epiphany.  Chris Henry has been so good this preseason, he has to play.  And then another.  Felix Jones is gonna get a short yardage TD this week, no doubt.  No chance.

So after glowing over Percy Harvin for a month, I sat the rookie and watched him score a TD for Minnesota.  Henry had 1 catch, Jones had 2 points, and that is how you lose games.

Always go with your heart.  Play certain matchups, but when the coin is tossed, always go with your 1st choice.

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