Friday, September 18, 2009

NFL Bench-Start Week 2

Matt Ryan-Falcons: Ryan looked great in the season opening win against the Dolphins as he led the team down the field spreading the ball to all of his targets.  With Michael Turner always a threat to run the ball, Ryan has open room in the secondary.  After McNabb picked apart the Panthers, Ryan should be able to do the same.
Brett Favre-Vikings:  This may be a rare time I feel comfortable recommending Favre, yet after allowing 6 TD's to the Saints last week through the air, the Vikes QB should be able to hit pay dirt at least twice no?

Jason Campbell-Redskins:  The Rams looked terrible in Week 1 and allowed Matt Hasselbeck to score 3 times through the air.  With the weapons he has, there is no reason to think Campbell cannot take advantage of the same weak secondary.

Ray Rice-Ravens:  Rice proved a reliable back out of the backfield and against a Chargers D that allowed McFadden and Bush to run wild in the MNF game, Rice may be in line for a heavy dose of action.  PPR leaguers should already have him set to go.

Brandon Jacobs-Giants: Considering the Bucs moved the ball up and down the field on the ground should be enough evidence that the G-Men should run the ball 35-40 times against the Cowboys Sunday.  Jacobs is the lead horse and despite having no hands, is a solid option to score twice this week.

Roddy White-Falcons:  Do not be worried that he only caught a few balls in Week 1.  Expect Matt Ryan to continue to find the open man and White should go for over 100 and a score against a suspect Panthers defense.

Percy Harvin-Vikings:  I lost two league games last week for benching Harvin.  Now he gets the Lions.  he also gets a ton of return yardage and can break one at any time.  A true playmaker, he must be active this week on your team.


Mark Sanchez-Jets:  He looked great in the opener and so did Trent Edwards against the Pats.  But you know the coaching staff is going to throw some wrinkles at the rookie that he has never seen before.  Wait a week to let him get his feet wet in his first pressure game.

Matt Cassel-Chiefs:  Even if he plays against the Raiders, he will not be 100% and considering the lack of weapons at his disposal, a healthier quarterback should be in your lineup.  The Raiders did a pretty good job against a good Chargers passing game, so find a safer option in this week.

LaDainian Tomlinson-Chargers: Same as Cassel, even if he plays, it will not be at 100% and going against the tough Ravens defense, you need to be 100%

Willie Parker-Steelers:  Word out of Steelers territory Friday says Parker will be entering a timeshare with Mendenhall.  The Bears are angry coming off their loss last Sunday and Ryan Grant did not do much against their defense.  Parker may have lost a step, so watch out for a steady decline.

Kevin Walter-Texans:  I love the Houston receiver, but coming off an injury, against a top defense, with a struggling offense gives me enough to worry about how much he can impact the game.  If you do not have a better option feel free, just no guarantee when someone is coming off a groin injury.

Lance Moore-Saints:  Another receiver I love, Moore did not make any impact in the Saints blowout win against Detroit.  You would think of the 6 TD passes thrown by Brees 1 would go to Moore.  Nope.  Until he gets consistant catches find a safer option to get catches and scores.

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