Friday, September 18, 2009

Fantasy Hockey Tips for the 2009 Season-By Scott Drake

As the 2009-2010 NHL season approaches we are getting prepared for our upcoming fantasy drafts.   We are watching training camps to see which draft picks are ready  jump to the NHL immediately.    Maybe you are even scouting to see if you can find that sleeper pick that really nobody knows about.    If your league mates are as knowledgeable as you are, and odds are, they are.   Then there won't be that many surprises or sleepers out there during your draft.   Just a few explicit words for you when you steal their picks late in the draft.   Don't get me wrong picking those sleepers definitely help in those late rounds.  But that is not where a draft is won or lost.  Here are some draft tips I'd like to share with you to help you have a success during your draft.

Top 5 Draft Tips:
1. If you are selecting 1 or 2.  No brainer take Ovechkin, Crosby or Malkin.   Any one of those 3 are no brainers and sure fire picks.

2. If you are not 1 or 2.  Take a top ranked goalie.  Typically what happens are that goalies go in runs.   And they are also tiered by skill level.  If you are selecting in the middle it really makes sense to lock up a top tier goalie.  You might say well why wouldn't I take a forward or defensemen first?   Because drafting a top tiered goaltender will guarantee you 70 games played by your goaltender.   That's 20 more games then the next tier of goaltenders.  Not to mention a solid chance at 20 more wins then the next set of net minders.  Just look at last years top 5 goalies versus every other goalie.  There are only so many good ones out there.  So make sure you grab one of the top 5 as I can assure you once the run starts you will be smiling knowing that on your way back around to draft you will already have secured that top netminder and can now focus on your next top player.

3. Wings vs Centers.  I would concentrate on the wings before I looked for a center first.  Reason being, there are a lot of top centers.  The top wingers are few and far between.  So make sure you grab yourself one.

4. Defensemen.  Every year when I do well in my league I always draft a top defensemen every other round for the first couple of rounds.  Similar to goalies there are a top tier group and then it significantly drops off after that.  So lock one up.

5.  Pick with your head not your heart.  While I might love my favorite NHL team.  Picking a guy because he plays for my favorite team, versus picking a player who is the best player available at that time just doesn't make sense.  It is always nice to root for your player while watching your favorite team.   But bottom line, its about winning that trophy or payout at seasons end.   So pick wisely!

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