Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reader Email:  Who would you start?  Cedric Benson, Mike Bell or Fred Jackson?

The reason Cedric Benson is the narrow choice over Mike Bell in my opinion is certainty.  Benson will get 20 carries for the Bengals against Denver solely because the game should be close, the Bengals will want to control the ball and Benson also is reliable out of the backfield.  While Bell is a sneaky waiver wire add this week, especially if you are playing against or own Pierre Thomas, he brings uncertainty.  The Saints may be up 20 points in the 2nd quarter and may just play backups.  Also, how much impact will Reggie Bush make?  As for Jackson, the Bills offense is a mess.  They probably will be throwing a lot to catch up in the 2nd half, so he may not get touches.  He is the least favorable of the options.

Now it is your turn to weigh in...who you got for a Week 1 Flex position start?

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