Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fantasy Football-In and Out

-Heap and Mason active vs Pats
-Derrick Ward inactive for Bucs, Bryant active for Bucs
-Galloway inactive for Patriots
-Hixon and Lewis and Schillens inactive
-Dwayne Bowe active for Chiefs
-Wes Welker and Vince Wilfork active for the Patriots
-Kevin Smith to start for Lions
-Jamal Lewis out for Browns, Harrison to get all carries
-Tashard is the Choice for carries in Cowboys backfield ahead of Barber
-Clinton Portis expected to start for Redskins
-Danny Amendola to act as Rams 3rd WR
-Derrick Ward traveled with Bucs but remains game time decision
-Rashard Mendenhall to start for Steelers.  Willie Parker is out.

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